Affordable, Reliable Broadband For Our Neighborhood


Webster Broadband Co-Op provides high-speed internet service to underserved areas of Webster Township. With contributions and loans from neighbors, residents designed and built their own network, with a 130-foot tower transmitting wireless signals to and from homes.  READ MORE


Fixed Wireless is an affordable option to meet the needs for most of the neighborhood. It works by broadcasting  a leased high-speed internet connection that is transmitted over radio waves from a fixed access point on the tower to a fixed antenna on the subscriber's home.  The backhaul (or the “uplink” to the internet) for the tower is provided through a dedicated, scalable, hi-speed wireless microwave link to the internet backbone. READ MORE


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Areas on the map shaded in green and red show the approximate coverage for the network, and include parts of Scully, Walsh and Valentine Roads. The actual signal quality will depend on many factors such as distance from the tower and interference due to foliage or buildings. To confirm service is available at your address, please contact us to set up a time for a site visit.


Webster Broadband is committed to providing the best possible internet connectivity to as many unserved residents as possible.  The level of service will depend on many factors including tree coverage, terrain and distance from the tower.


In order to cover the cost of tower construction, township permits and fees, backhaul, insurance and other costs from maintaining the tower, equipment and network, members will be charged a one-time membership fee to join and a monthly subscription fee.  The goal is to make the service affordable to all who wish to join while sustaining the business.


The Co-op provides unlimited internet service of  10 Megabits per second, with no data caps or throttling.  READ MORE

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